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Katie and Christian Lund, Drake Casting Co.We went MIA for two reasons and one happens to be the inspiration for this blog post. The second is because I had some weirdo virus that I somehow caught from the east coast?
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mount shasta california

I Would Walk 500 Miles

But instead we drove 1,800 miles in four days! SoCal-->SoO. That's probably not a real thing and also looks stupid. Southern Cal to Southern Oregon. We camped, we drove, we hiked, we drove more. Let me tell you, I LOVE a good road trip, especially when Christian drives the whole time! I remember being a kid and feeling like i was being dragged to various states against my will. Forced to see Pennsylvania Dutch Country, Niagra Falls, or empty beaches of Nova Scotia. However as an adult, I appreciated those trips. What is better than an empty beach?

Christian Drake Lund, Coastal Redwood

Those Redwoods

Christian and I had never seen real, live redwoods. DAMN. ARE THEY BIG. Pictures will never do it justice, nor will these words. You just stare. Have you seen the Grand Canyon? I got teary when I saw it years ago. What's that about? These sights strike a different emotion. We've seen, touched, and utilized these mammoth slabs of wood. But that redwood while it's still alive in all its glory... with the surrounding canopy of moss... the mysterious lighting caused by their massive size. #fahgettaboutit

And That Coastline

All I wanted to do was link arms with Data in our rubber raincoats and skip our way down Klamath Californiathe rocks in our last chance to see if there really is any rich stuff. The rocks, the beaches, the driftwood. In my opinion, it's the prettiest coastline so far. I'll give Nova Scotia a close second because I haven't seen it in twenty years. #old The Pacific northwest has trees right up to the water's edge. I'm not used to such massive trees directly on the edge of the ocean. Thus, I'm not used to sandy ocean beaches covered in washed up trees. Christian argues that Lake Michigan in Wisconsin was covered with trees along its edge and so he felt this was no different. I'm sticking to my guns here. It feels weird to know you're on the ocean and the beach is covered in trees and washed up logs.Mystery of the Trees, Redwoods, Klamath, CA


How do you take in all of these new landscapes and not be inspired? Christian is feeling inspired to make some cool new table designs. I on the other hand only needed enough inspiration to write about it, right here. JK. 

Seriously though, take a trip. And take a trip outside of a city. Clearly I'm biased, as I cry over canyons, but the world is so big and we're so small. Maybe I hated being driven around the great Northeast in a caravan listening to Crowded House and Last of the Mohicans when I was 12... But what are my best memories from childhood? What's my favorite vacation as an adult? What do I still listen to on Spotify? (hint: it's not Last of the Mohicans) Point is, I remember the landscapes we drove through, I remember the people I was with, and I remember the music we listened to... that super dramatic soundtrack. Are you with me yet? I REMEMBER THE EXPERIENCE! Those events shaped me and provided me with an appreciation of our land. Mohican land or not.

Northern California 101Christian is slightly less of a talker than me, so I will tell you he loves a good landscape. He loves an experience that doesn't require words. Lucky for him I get quiet when we travel and am busy looking at things--or tearing up trying to figure out the meaning of life. 
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Y'all Better Recognize

We see a building and think about how impressive are the architects and engineers. How creative that person is for dreaming up that flying buttress! (Holler Professor Denny) You see a painting, read a book, watch a movie... it's all about their creator. The Earth has no one creator. (Sorry, i'm a fan of facts and science and whatnot. But even if you wanna get all religious, fine, no human created it.) This shiznit is f'real y'all. Nobody dreamt it. Nobody will ever outdo a 3,000 year old redwood tree that has fallen over and their roots STILL AREN'T DEAD. In their "tenacity for life", redwoods will find that dang sun and they will go ON with their bad selves. They will take a 90 degree turn if necessary. They just don't quit. They are the O.G.s of Mutha Earth and y'all better learn to respect. I better take my inspiration elsewhere. 

Just go out and look, and appreciate, and if so inclined ... get inspired. 



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