Sawdust Winter Fantasy 2017

At last, we meet again for the first time for the last time. Nah pssshhh, we're not leaving. But Spaceballs IS one of my all time fav movies. You know what else is? HOT SHOTS. And we just watched it last night. Oh man, Lloyd Bridges? Ugh, fuh'get it.

Space Balls

Sawdust Festival Winter FantasySo really, where we meet again is the Sawdust Festival! Remember this is the famous Laguna Beach art festival that became the reason we moved from Massachusetts to Orange County. This time it's Winter Fantasy so instead of 7,000 days in a row 12 hours a day, it's only five weekends in a row. 10am-7pm.

This is now our third winter show. How the time does fly. The first one was two years ago and I had just moved two weeks prior to its opening. No big deal. 

So what's Drake Casting Co have to offer Winter Sawdust?lets get down to brass tacks

Cast Iron Redwood Garden Table

Redwood Garden Coffee Table

The peeps in and around Laguna are loving Christian's sequoia garden tables, but unless you have a massive mansion (which let's be honest, a lot of them do) it's hard to fit one of these guys into your kitchen. HA. Behold, a functional coffee table utilizing live edge redwood adorned with succulent gardens as well as turquoise and glow powder inlay. Ya gotta have the matching Laguna Beach Anchor cast iron table legs in turquoise to make the table complete. With Southern California's sweet sweet weather, this could live on a patio or indoors. It's definitely combining several elements of vintage, rustic, modern, bohemian, etc etc etc.

Festive Redwood Garden Dining Table

Check out this bad guy. Another huge live edge table made from redwood with a cut out for whatever the heck you want. Since it's the holidays we dressed it up with decorative rosemary. LED lights have been installed inside the recessed copper box, AND you can change the color through the wonder of technology! Another idea was to fill the copper box with water and have votive candles floating, or get some water plants. You checkin' that table base? The enchanted forest table base has made its debut onto the Sawdust scene.

Copper aluminum tree table base    Redwood Garden Table Centerpiece LED light

Redwood Garden Tables Iron Base

Wood Slabs

What Christian is doing a lil different this year is focusing on live edge slabs, hand picked from various locations across the map. People want to make their own table. They love the wood slab collection and that's been the most frequently asked question throughout the years. "Where do you get your wood?" "Do you have a shop?" "Can I come look at your selection?". The answer is no, you may not. 

OHHHHH JUST KIDDING. That's why he brought the slabs to the show. Ta-dah!

Drake Casting live edge wood slabs cast iron tables

We've found out that a lot of people at this show have some desire to do what Christian is doing. People spend a lot of time asking about the process and then after they say something like, "yeah I have this slab of [insert tree species here] and want to make a cool bar top with it". And then the wife says, "he's had this piece of wood sitting in our garage for 15 years".

Hey, cut your man a break. Know what I say? I say I will take that one chunk of wood over the 52 slabs strewn about every corner of our property. And to you dudes: just let it go and buy this finished piece of wood just the way you want it cause you know you're never gonna get to it yourself. JK! I'M ON FIRE!

It took four shows to figure out what people want and also accept that we are providing inspiration for a lot of DIYers. Not everyone can afford a $7,000 table. Weird, right? Don't make me say "JK" again. I really do hope at least a handful of these people go back home and start their bar top project after seeing the potential. Now, in addition to customized table legs and complete tables, they can see their options up close and personal and piece it together with Christian or on their own.


Winter Sawdust is cool because they allow non residents of LB to enter into the show. Some summer artists don't do winter so those spots open up for outsiders. This is how Christian got his start while still technically a resident of Wilbyville. Winter show offers new artists with a tad more excitement 4 the people.

I dare you NOT to dance...

If you live in the area, come down and see for yourself all the different art going down in Sawdust this winter. I bought just about all my Christmas presents there two years ago! It's the best if you want something different. If you don't then enjoy your dance party in front of your digital device. 

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