How to attach metal legs to a table top?

If you're looking to add some stylish hairpin legs to your table, here's a quick and easy guide on how to do it!
You'll need:

-4 hairpin legs
-8 screws
-4 washers
- A drill
- A screwdriver
First, gather your materials. You'll need four hairpin legs, eight screws, four washers, a drill, and a screwdriver.
Next, mark where you want your legs to go. Place a hairpin leg at each corner of the table, and mark where the screws will go.
Now, drill pilot holes for the screws. Drill four holes - one at each corner - and then screw in the hairpin legs. Add a washer to each screw before screwing it all the way in.
And that's it! Your table is now ready to use with stylish hairpin legs.

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