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drake casting strong enough for bigfoot

Look no further. These legs have been Bigfoot tested.

Customers all over the world want to know how much weight can our table legs support? After putting these legs to the test, we found out they can support up to 5,000 pounds. Beyond that is up to you!* 
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In short, these legs should be strong enough for anyone, using any table top of their choice. Including Bigfoot--and his family of little Bigfoots.

Who is Christian Drake?

Christian Drake Lund is the Original Gangster in terms of first creating his own table legs design. It all happened because he wanted to build a table for their home, but couldn't find any good bases at that time. He owned an antique store for over ten years in Wilbraham, Massachusetts. He had always been drawn to Industrial and Gothic architecture and furniture. As demand grew for specific industrial pieces, Christian took his vast knowledge of high-end antique furniture and paired it with modern industrial legs.

In 2015 Drake Casting Company was created by Christian for design enthusiasts seeking unusual pieces to be completed in true DIY fashion. These custom cast iron legs can be painted or stained to customer specifications. Drake Casting Co. also offers full dining tables assembled with rare and exotic wood tops.  


*Disclaimer: We tested 5,000 slabs of wood in a controlled environment utilizing a crane system. Please do not try this at home. This max weight was tested only on Classic Drake Dining legs. While suitable for standard table tops, the Inverted arch, whale tail, and Enchanted Forest Tree base will not support an excessive weight.