How to glue a metal leg to a glass table?

If your metal table legs have come loose from the glass tabletop, don't worry--it's an easy fix. All you need is some clear glue and a few straightforward steps.
Start by wiping down the metal legs and the underside of the glass tabletop with a clean cloth. This will help to ensure that the surfaces are free of dirt and debris.
Next, apply a generous amount of glue to the underside of the glass tabletop, spreading it evenly over the surface. Be sure to use enough glue so that it will adhere the metal legs securely.
Then, carefully place the metal legs onto the glued surface, pressing them firmly into place. Use clamps or weights to hold the legs in place while the glue dries.
Allow the glued area to dry thoroughly before using the table again. This may take several hours or even overnight. Once the glue is dry, your table should be sturdy and stable once more.

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