How to level metal lamp table legs?

How to level metal lamp table legs? ?

How to level metal lamp table legs If your metal lamp table legs are not level, it can be very difficult to get the table to stand level. There are a few things that you can do to try to level the legs. If the legs are not too far off, you can try to gently bend them until they are level. You can also try to shim the legs with something like cardboard or paper. If the legs are very far off, you might need to get new legs for the table. If you have to get new legs, make sure that you measure the old legs so that you can get legs that are the same size. You might also want to get legs that are slightly longer so that you can adjust them to be level. Once you have new legs, you will need to attach them to the table. This can be done by screwing them into the table or by welding them on. If you are having difficulty getting the legs level, you can always ask a professional for help. They will be able to level the legs for you and make sure that the table is sturdy.

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