How to make a table using cast iron Drake Table Legs

- Cast iron table legs (with necessary hardware)
- Table top (wood or other material of your choice)
- Power drill
- Lag screws
- Washers
- Wood glue
- Sandpaper
- Stain or paint (optional)
- Polyurethane (optional)
1. Choose a table top that is the appropriate size for your cast iron legs. You can purchase a pre-made table top or make your own out of wood or another material.
2. Sand the table top to a smooth finish and stain or paint if desired. Apply a coat of polyurethane for added protection.
3. Determine the placement of your table legs on the underside of the table top. Mark the screw hole locations with a pencil.
4. Drill pilot holes at the marked locations using a power drill.
5. Apply wood glue to the top of the cast iron legs and align them with the pilot holes. Secure the legs to the table top using screws and the necessary hardware provided with the legs.
6. Allow the glue to dry, following the manufacturer's instructions.
7. Once the glue is dry, flip the table over and ensure that the legs are securely attached to the table top.
8. Enjoy your new table!

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