How to make your own workbench

Drake Workbench Base
- 2x4 lumber
- 4x4 lumber
- 3/4 inch plywood or MDF
- Lag Screws
- Wood glue
- Circular saw
- Table saw or jigsaw
- Drill
- Hammer
- Chisel
- Clamps
- Measuring tape
- Square
1. Cut four legs out of 4x4 lumber. Your legs should be 34 inches long for a standard workbench height, but you can adjust the height to fit your needs.
2. Cut four stretchers out of 2x4 lumber. Each stretcher should be the same length as the width of your workbench, minus the thickness of two legs. So if your legs are 3.5 inches thick, and you want a 4-foot-wide workbench, each stretcher should be 4 feet minus 7 inches, or 45 inches.
3. Cut two long rails out of 2x4 lumber, each the same length as the length of your workbench.
4. Cut three cross rails out of 2x4 lumber. These should be the same length as your stretchers.
5. Cut a top for your workbench out of plywood or MDF. Your top should be the same width as your workbench, and at least 24 inches deep.
6. Using wood glue and screws, attach the stretchers to the legs. Make sure the stretchers are level and square.
7. Attach the long rails to the legs. Again, make sure they are level and square.
8. Use clamps to attach the cross rails to the stretchers, standing them on edge. Make sure they are level and square.
9. Cut a notch in the top of each leg for the cross rails to rest in. Use a saw to make the cuts, and a chisel to clean up any rough edges.
10. Attach the top to the frame using lag screws. Make sure the top is flush with the edges of the frame.
11. Sand any rough edges or surfaces.
Your workbench is now complete and ready for use!

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