1. Keep the area well-lit: Make sure the area where the table is located is well-lit. Poor lighting can make it hard to see the table legs and can increase the likelihood of stubbing your toe.
2. Place the table in a safe location: Consider placing the table against a wall or in a location where there is plenty of space to walk around it. Avoid placing the table in a high traffic area where people are likely to walk into it.
3. Keep the area clutter-free: Make sure the area around the table is free of clutter and obstacles. Clutter can get in the way and make it more difficult to navigate around the table.
4. Use furniture pads: Consider using furniture pads on the bottom of the table legs. Furniture pads can help prevent the table from scratching the floor and can reduce the risk of stubbing your toe on a sharp table leg.
5. Wear protective footwear: Sandals or flip-flops can increase the risk of stubbing your toes, especially in areas with furniture. Instead, consider wearing shoes that fully cover your feet and have a sturdy sole that can absorb impact.
6. Stay mindful: A simple trick is to keep the table legs in mind when you walk around them. This means you have to be alert to the location of the table legs when navigating through the space.
7. Or forget all this and get The Barbell Base, It's round like a donut. You can go on being mindless and not even think about stubbing your toe. I mean AMIRIGHT?!

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