How to raise patio table legs by 8 inches metal?

It is not uncommon for people to want to raise their patio table legs by eight inches. This can be for a variety of reasons, such as wanting to be able to see over the table more easily, or wanting the table to be at a comfortable height for table games. Whatever the reason, it is possible to raise patio table legs by eight inches with a few simple tools.
If the table legs are made of metal, the first step is to find eight-inch metal tubing that is the same diameter as the table legs. If the table legs are not made of metal, or if the metal tubing is not the same diameter, the next step is to use a saw to cut the tubing to the desired length. Next, use a drill to make two holes in each leg of the table, making sure that the holes are aligned.
Now, take the metal tubing and insert it into the holes in the table legs. Once the tubing is in place, use a hammer to lightly tap the tubing until it is flush with the surface of the table leg. Make sure that the tubing is secure by testing it before moving on.
Now, it is time to raise the patio table legs by eight inches. To do this, simply screw in two l-brackets to the bottom of each leg, on the outside of the tubing. The l-brackets should be screwed in at a height that is eight inches from the ground. Once the l-brackets are in place, the patio table legs should be eight inches higher.
Now, it is time to test the new height of the patio table legs. Place the table on level ground and make sure that it is stable. Test the height by sitting in a chair and trying to reach the surface of the table. If the table is too high or too low, simply adjust the l-brackets until the table is at the desired height.

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