How to weld metal table legs?

A welding table is a must for any welder. It provides a stable, level surface on which to weld and ensures that your projects turn out looking professional. But welding tables can be expensive, and if you're just getting started with welding, you may not want to invest in one just yet. That's where this diy welding table comes in. It's easy to build and only costs around $50 in materials. Plus, it's modular, so you can easily add or remove legs as needed.
To build this welding table, you'll need:

- 4 metal table legs
- 4 corner brackets
- Welding machine
- Metal cutting saw
Start by cutting the legs to the desired length. If you're not sure how long to make them, start with a length that's about 2/3 the height of your welder. Once the legs are cut, use the corner brackets to attach them together at the corners.
Next, set the welding machine on the table and weld the brackets to the legs. Make sure the welding machine is level so that the table is also level. Now it's time to start welding! This table is great for small projects. It's also easy to add extra legs if you need a larger workspace.

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