Redwood Garden Table

Katie and Christian Lund Drake Casting Co

Christian took it up a few notches for the summer show with this "showstopper".

TA-DA! It's fun to watch the growth and evolving styles of this guy just over the past two years. Remember, he used to be an antique dealer and now he's an artist. I must adjust.

Our friend and canyon neighbor John and his family own West Coast Arborists up in Ontario, CA. He hooked up christian with a big hunk'a curly red wood.

After slicing up that bad boy, the whole thing gets sanded like a mother. Lil holes are found throughout the wood, which is why the tree was taking down in the first place. This could be seen as a flaw, or as an opportunity to do something RAD.
(Rad Racer? 🏁 One of my top five Nintendo games)
Christian got a whole bunch of turquoise, drilled out the holes a bit more, and filled them with the stones. 
drake casting co drilling holes RoboChristian Drake Casting Co turquoise table

Turquoise in Resin Drake Garden TableNow this is the part I love(hate). The giant slab gets dragged to our back room where nobody is allowed because he will cover the whole dang table in 3-4 coats of a resin. Each layer must dry completely before the next is applied.

So if you're pickin up what I'm puttin down and you know that our back door to the laundry is in this room—I have to walk around the whole house to do the laundry. My life is so hard. 😩

A million hours later the piece is finally dry and I can resume my usual laundry tasks. Until the next slab arrives.


No! Now the legs have to be prepared! The classic Drake design and color are picked for this piece. Each leg gets sanded down, painted, lettered, and sealed. We'll save that process for another day.


Succulent garden Drake tableFour slabs were created with this same process, two for the table and two for the benches. Two slabs for the table means something cool is about to happen down the center of these slabs...

Why not a succulent garden surrounded by moss and stones!? It can be changed up for holidays, if you're into that sorta thing, or go nuts with the succulents and let them go on with their bad selves. 

Now it is complete and was brought to Sawdust and... sold! He built this bad boy twice and sold them both. Now we just need one more for our dining room... wink wink.

Wanna build your own million dolla' table? Contact us!

Katie and Christian Lund Drake Casting Co Sawdust Festival 2017 Drake Casting Co, Drake Garden Table


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  • Jen Hartford

    Beautiful work, Crust!!

  • Garrett Lund

    Thank you for sharing this great story!! Just an amazing piece of artwork that is functional and so beautiful to look at. Can’t wait to have one at my place one day!!

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