SNEAK PEAK! Enchanted Forest Table Base

Katie and Christian Lund, Drake Casting CoAustin Powers Meme: Allow Myself to Introduce Myself
Allow myself to introduce, myself.
My name is Richie Cunningham. 
Okay no.
Allow us both, to introduce you to the Enchanted Forest table base.

When Christian shared his new idea with me, my first thought was, "GREAT, HOW HEAVY WILL THIS BE!?" My second thought was, this is quite the departure from the usual beach vibe. Would he care to share these thoughts with me, you, anyone who cares?

Let's look at it first.
Enchanted Forest Table Base

Did you take it all in? It's pretty cool. Let's talk about Christian's inspiration for it. Turns out it has nothing to do with me, a trip he took with me, or anything about me. So there's that. However he was inspired by my favorite state, so things are looking up. 邏

Back in March I believe it was, he took a trip out to Park City, Utah with his bro Ben and their friends Colin and Michelle. They were skiing at Brighton and he came across an old Bristlecone pine. He claims it could have been about 5,000 years old. Now after a quick and highly reputable google search on Wikipedia (har har) turns out the OLDEST of these trees are 5,000 years old. So chances are, it wasn't that old. Maybe it was. Who cares, it was old. And he was inspired. Let's throw some images in here to get inspired ourselves.

bristlecone pine

This reminds me of a fellow Sawdust Artist, Ulrike Scheuchl. Check out her website.

After having some convos regarding the new piece and understanding where Christian is coming from, turns out he still has a soft spot in his heart for trees and things not covered in sand or ocean water. Christian grew up in Wisconsin and then spent 15 more cold years in Massachusetts. Despite his strong dislike for snow and cold climates, he loves the woods. And might I add, I hear ya barkin.

wide open forestI believe we both have an even stronger appreciation for vast land covered in trees after living in Orange County for almost two years now. We're lucky we live in this weird lil canyon with it's own weird lil climate and a quick 800' foot climb up the canyon wall and down the other side will bring you to wooded areas. But even that you know on the other side is a sea of cement and people. So many people! We both enjoy an escape out to Rancho Santa Margarita and this hidden teeny tiny town of Silverado which is in the woods and so secluded, there is only one way in and out.
I digress.

Glowing Burl on Enchanted Woods Table BaseChristian loves the woods. He loves trees. We've seen his table designs with the heaviest slabs of burl. Now he's making the entire piece more organic. Or maybe not. Maybe a huge slab of iron will sit on top of this tree trunk? Or glass and you light up the bottom? Cast in point (at right). The great thing about this new piece is that it can be anything. I am excited to use one as a planter. Love me a good planter!!! It could also be a floor lamp base, a lamp post, end table or dining table. Sky's the limit. And don't even get me started on the custom etching possibilities and patinas. Whew... you're welcome. 

I'm sure you'll see a whole lot more about this enchanted lil guy on Drake Casting Co's Instagram and FB. Til then...


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  • Faith Lund

    Awesome presentation. The creative juices are flowing. Very inspirational.

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