The Industrial Design Trend

katie Lund Drake Casting Co.

When will the madness end?!

I did a bit of research regarding industrial and other design trends of 2017 and beyond. Our House: sitting area, dining roomHere's the conclusion I have reached: nobody knows what they're talking about. HAHA KIDDING. Or am I? 

I'm not really kidding. Every blog post, article, or "what's in" and "what's out" has completely opposing views so who the heck knows? Someone says grey walls are so 2016, and other people say it's calming and will be around for a couple more years. Some people say all white kitchens are clean and modern and timeless and others rip them apart. There are the same opposing views on Industrial furniture—has it overstayed its welcome or can we expect more pipes and barn doors for years to come?

Here is my opinion

I like industrial design. I also like vintage and antique furniture. I like some modern, geometric design. Don't tempt me, I might throw in a lil shabby chic if the time is right. (SHABBY SHEESH) I like a big 'ol blend of it all. How can you go wrong with only a smattering of each? While sitting at our DRAKE CASTING INDUSTRIAL DINING TABLE  (as seen below with a true Finn photobomb) with reclaimed wood top surrounded by modern metal chairs reminiscent of Beetle Juice, I gaze around our house and take in the furniture spanning 400 years.

Drake Casting Co Dining Table and Dog FinnMaybe people should simmer down with the out of control industrial design that's making their living room look like a garage. An industrial piece here and there though—I don't see the trend leaving soon. When it's not too overwhelming it blends in with many styles. Maybe we just need to rename "Industrial" to METAL. I think when you go overboard with anything it's gonna first of all becoming tiresome quickly, and then super expensive because you just outfitted your entire house in one style that may not suit you tomorrow. I personally get a bit aesthetically overwhelmed with ONE style throughout.

I think Drake Casting customers have a special appreciation for what Christian has designed. It's timeless (I think I've said this before, sorry). It looks like an antique but depending on your table top and leg finish it can go in so many directions. That's also the great thing about "metal design". Mix and match your materials for various looks and themes. 

DIY Trend

How long will people's hunger for doing it themselves last? Do.It.Yourself. It's kinda funny that that's a craze. Imagine 100 years ago bragging to your neighbor about this table you just built? out of barn wood no less. Maybe it's popular because we've become so helpless in just about all other areas?
shrugging emoji 

Drake Casting Bar Height Legs, Industrial and Modern DesignI don't have time (or the desire) to plan dinners so I use meal prep services. I rely on Amazon WAY too much and would rather pay a fee for the convenience of them delivering it to my front door. Even our restaurant delivery is through apps because we don't want to call. I can't be bothered with chewing in the morning so I drink a shake WITH a straw because it's less tiring than lifting the cup to my mouth. That's not even a lie or exaggeration, although I will admit, it's VERY embarrassing. We don't even have kids.

I think a lot of people agree that we will use our phones for everything even though it's small, takes forever to type with 100 typos, and probably hurts your hand, wrist and neck. But we will endure that pain instead of walking over to the computer or pulling out the big ol laptop. Why are we so lazy but then we want to make our own dining room table? Who do we think we are!? I cannot go to the grocery store and get ingredients for dinner, but I will salvage some reclaimed wood, sand it down, refinish it and purchase some WICKED DOPE cast iron table legs and assemble it myself ... and then of course post it on Instagram in its completed state. PEOPLE ARE FUNNY.

I get it though.

It's a great sense of accomplishment to DIY as well as knowing not one other human being on earth owns the same exact table. I guess that's what it's about. Mass production is out. Outdoing your peers on social media is in. HA. 

Switch it up!

Metal Dental and Medical Cabinets1900s Moroccan ArmoireI hope people do take my advice and save themselves some dough in the long run by not sticking to just one style. I have never thought to myself "oh man I need to redecorate".  We are lucky we acquired so many unique pieces through the antique store. We have Victorian end tables and Gothic bridge lamps, mixed with 1600s apothecary chests and metal dental cabinets. Why would you get rid of that kinda stuff? You will never find it again! I'm sure it's possible to turn so many pieces into a big mess. Maybe don't take my advice.
thoughtful emoji zipper mouth emoji

And in conclusion...

I believe high quality antique and vintage pieces will never go out of style. Cast iron and metal can blend with everything. Don't do the same thing over and over, unless you're rich and can hire interior decorators on a regular basis, then sky's the limit! And if you like specific industrial pieces, then follow your heart! They will not go out of style—but your Petroliana kitchen probably will.


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