When the Mountain Calls

Greater World Earthship CommunityWe’ve always been interested in off-grid living and a sustainable lifestyle. In the past few years we have toured the west coast and southwest region searching for a place to land. In December we made a trip to Taos, New Mexico and not only did “the mountain call to us”, but we were introduced to Earthships.

Picturis Earthship with KatieInterior Earthship Green house
If you follow our Instagram feed you already know why these homes are amazing. Each one is unique with their own interior design bu rooted in Adobe architecture. They make these homes so beautiful and modern, it’s not your typical off-grid home in the middle of nowhere. #hillbilly

Taos New Mexico, Pueblo Village
Taos New Mexico, Pueblo Village's church
During our most recent trip, we visited the Taos Pueblo—oldest reservation in the US for 1,000 years—and were introduced to Gathering Feathers. She is an authentic Pueblo Indian artist with a modern take on her heritage. Her pieces range from rare jewelry to clothing, blankets, and paintings.

After talking a bit she directed us to the furniture store, Red Arrow, in El Prado where we met one of the owners, Micah. They have everything including live edge tables with turquoise inlays—a western flair to what we do with our live edge tables. I smell a possible collaboration.

Conversation with her then led to one of Christian's favorite Taos topics: Dennis Hopper.

She told us how he is buried in town, who knew?! Of course, this became our next venture. If you aren’t aware, he owned a home in Taos and filmed Easy Rider there.

Dennis Hopper Grave Taos NM

Taos New Mexico Sunset April 2019Operating your own business lends itself to a bit of anxiety on a daily basis. It’s all up to you when you’re in charge! Katie and I have been wanting to move to Taos for several months but my inner worry kept holding us back. I stood in front of Dennis Hopper’s grave, and everyone’s graves for that matter, noticing many of these lives were just too short. That’s when it hit me, what are you waiting for? As Katie likes to non-ironically joke, #YOLO. Or, if you're a food monster, #ROLO. Really, you do only live once and why wait around worrying about all the bad stuff that COULD happen?

We are excited about the potential move Drake Casting Co. will be making from Laguna to Taos and plan to keep you all looped in on the process. Living off the grid should prove exciting, challenging, and full of entertainment for you guys! It’s a big step and we will be leaving a fun life in Southern California but as the Taos locals say, when the mountain calls you—you go!

Taos Mountain


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