How Much Weight Can Your Legs Support?

katie lund drake casting co This is the numero uno question asked by customers everywhere. People have gotta'know, "how much weight do your legs hold?" Let's first discuss the table leg's weight as listed on the website. It states each dining table leg weighs in at... 54 lbs for a grand total of... 108 lbs! That's kinda a heavy piece of iron, and it makes me wonder "what the heck are you planning to put on these damn legs?" thinking emoji

Far be it from me to deny you the material of your dreams to be placed upon those two wondrous pieces of iron!

 I've seen Christian maneuver some giant slabs on those legs and they've never shown signs of distress. We knew it would take a LOT, but we didn't really know where it would max out. And what will happen when they do peak out? Will they crumble back into the iron ores they once were? Should we go back to the redwoods and find that 3,000 year old tree and throw it on some legs? 
shrugging woman emoji

Or, I know, just take a drive up to Ontario (California, not Canada as Neil Young sings) and get your friend whose been mentioned before in this blog. MAN, BIG SHOUT OUTS FOR JOHN MAHONEY ERR'WHUR. This guy, as previously mentioned, works with wood all day long and helps supply Christian.

They went ahead and stacked, upon stacked, upon stacked slabs of wicked heavy wood on a pair of Classic Drake dining table legs.

Christian Drake Casting Co. 5,000 pounds

Let's take a guess at how much this weighed! I'm a horrible guesser of weights so luckily I already know the answer. 


Whoops, jk, I watched 20 minutes of Austin Powers and got nostalgic there. What happened to all those FUNNY movies? Not just Austin Powers, which I believe should have stopped after the second one, but all of them. So many funny comedians back in the day with really dumb movies for me to laugh at. I miss them. Or maybe they do still come out but I'm old and adult like and am not even aware of them anymore. thinking emoji


5,000 POUNDS!

Drake Casting Co 5,000 pounds weight limit laughing tears emoji

That is funny! It's awesome, AND funny. I mean, yeah they're huge pieces of cast iron and so WELL designed that you can lay 5,000 LBs on them if you feel so inclined. Two and a half tons, if you will. And maybe you will. Maybe you HAVE for all I know. But it's still funny too because what kinda dining table do you need? I'm just imagining answering that question now and following it up with, "do you think that'll be substantial for you and your 12 guests at Thanksgiving?" 

thinking emoji thinking emoji thinking emoji laughing tears emoji PS It's National Sarcasm Awareness Month

Let me get serious for a minute here

John Mahoney 5,000 pounds on drake casting legsChristian gets feedback all the time about the size, dimension and general style being the perfect blend. I shouldn't mention this, but there are competitors out there.
surprised emoji WHAT? I know. It's true.
The most similar to him are not as substantial and you can tell just by looking at them. You couldn't have that guy over there--> sitting on them along with 21 slabs of wood. On the contrary, you may have seen the crazy industrial repurposed furniture with like a bank vault door as the table base. I made that up but you get the idea--it's a LOT happening. Drake Casting Co. legs end up being in between the two. Don't get me wrong, I think the repurposed stuff is awesome, it's just totally different from these legs and I feel these guys right here do such a good job of being timeless, yet retro. Just throw a different paint color on them and it changes them completely.

Back to the absurd amount of weight

I feel like cars weigh less than this? I know a lot (nothing) about cars and I think Christian should build me a ramp and I will park the Subie on top of his legs. Maybe I'll build a dream tiny house on these legs. Why not? Why don't you leave your comment below for something WICKED heavy that you would like to put on your Drake Casting Dining Table legs. Because, you know, we haven't even tried the bar height legs!

Black Drake Casting Small BaseLaguna Drake Casting Small baseDrake Classic Small Base


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